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Excursions and Day trips

We have tailor-made day trips and excursions for Abuja city and environs.

Abuja is a city that evolved in less than 50 years. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Abuja has an array of beautiful architectural designs, lush green areas, and its  blessed with both natural and man made attractions.

A few are presented here.

The Zuma Rock.zums

This rock is believed to possess certain powers which rendered enemies powerless and provided the natives with a good hiding place.This rock offers a different view from all compass points. Most outstanding is the grotesque face that appears to have a set of gouged eyes and a crooked nose.

Another view appears to be that of an upturned Egyptian Sphinx, while another is that of a giant head with a broken nose facing skyward, and the last resembles a crouching elephant. Zuma rock represents a beautiful and unique natural work of rock formation, it also offers a good environment  for picnics and relaxation.

Arts and Crafts Village DSCF1635-780x439

It is located in the heart of Abuja city. It is a souvenir shop for tourists, so if you are looking for a place to get art souvenirs in the capital city, this is the best place to visit. Here you will find a wide collection of arts and crafts, made by local artists and craftsmanship.




The Millennium Park millenium

This is the largest public park  in Abuja.

The Millennium Park was inaugurated by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the on the 4th December 2003. It’s located near to the former Presidential Palace close to the nucleus of presidential and administrative buildings of the city.

Over the years, this park has grown to be a true recreational park like many others around the world. There is usually a large number of people coming out to make use of the facility to unwind at weekends. There is children’s play ground,  beautiful lawns and good walk ways. People use the facility for pick nick.



You will also have the privilege to visit the house of parliament . dome







The Ushafa or Kwali pottery.



The Park and zoo and lots more.




Your visit to Abuja cannot be complete without the Wonderland Amusement Park & Resort. This is an ultra modern world class recreation centre, the first and the biggest most equipped amusement park in the whole of Nigeria. It is situated in the heart of Abuja, a few minutes’ drive from the city centre, and opposite the National Stadium, and close to the City Gate. It has an area of approximately 330,000 square meters.


The park has leisure gardens for relaxation, games and rides for all ages,


a restaurant called the Fulani Ranch, which provides continental Mediterranean and African cuisines; there are cafeterias and shops all over the place for visitors’ satisfaction. Some of cafes include the Forest Cafe and the Shisha Hut ,  each offering foods with unique and delicious tastes. Some of the shops include the Fountain Shop, Wonder Shop, Nina’s Candy, Zain Shop and many others. One of the many relaxation spots in Wonderland is the Fountain square , with a beautiful view. Wonderland also has an elaborate arcade building called the Fun city Arcade
. The park has convenience facilities (Toilets), a clinic centre for emergencies in case of minor injuries from accidents, and an administrative block for complaints and enquiries. A hotel resort is also in the plans to be executed shortly. Wonderland Amusement park is the place to be, because it is a family oriented park.

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