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Akwamufie Museum

Visit the Akwamu Museum, located at Akwamufie where ancient objects are kept and the history of the Akwamuman is told. Some of the relics you will see at the prestigious Akwamu Bogyawe Palace are the bunch of the original keys of the Danish Osu Christiansburg Castle which was kept as a trophy and stool regalia by the king of Akwamu when the king of Denmark re-negotiated to take the Christiansburg castle back after its capture in 1693 by an Akwamu royal (Nana Asamani). The over Four Hundred (400) years bullet proof lion skin war cloth of the king of Akwamu called “Mahony”. These and more other relics are always on display at the Bogyawe Palace Museum at Akwamufie.

Wli Waterfalls

The Wli waterfalls remains the highest waterfall in Ghana and the tallest in West Africa measuring 143m from the upper fall to the plunge pool below.. It is located in the Hohoe municipality in the Volta Region.

 Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary

The Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary is home to the Mona and Patas Monkey species. These monkeys have made the village of Tafi their home and the people have accepted them as a part of their lifestyle. This Sanctuary was created in 1993 by a coalition of villagers, public institutions and NGO.

Bead Making

Learn about the rich history of bead making and have fun learning to make your own beads for keeps.

Akosombo Trio

•Visit the iconic hydroelectric Akosombo Dam where most of Ghana’s electricity is generated.
•Take a trip to Santa Barbara (The three Magic rocks) and discover the mystery behind the three rocks.
•Visit the Nana Asamani Statue and learn more about this Ghanaian warrior and legend.

Mount Afadjato & Tagbo Waterfalls

Mount Afadjato is the highest mountain in Ghana and stands at an elevation of 885m.

You have the option to hike to the summit of the mountain. Tagbo Falls is a waterfall near Mount Afadjato and boasts of a beautiful staged water fall from a height of about 60m.

Boti Waterfall & Umbrella Rock and cave

Visit the breathtaking male and female twin waterfall in the Eastern region.

A 30 minute walk away from the falls sits the much anticipated umbrella rock and cave.